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Product Review : ARCh-MAX

Over the many years I have been involved in the outdoors, in retail and as a coach, cycling, running and hiking, I have seen huge improvements in clothing and kit. As a runner lightweight and small packsize has always been a priority but this should also be something walkers adopt. I see walkers out on short hikes carrying huge packs, wearing big boots and using wooden poles, none of this is necessary with the advances in clothing and kit design.

Living in Spain I have the advantage that generally the climate is excellent and predictable but going into the higher mountains still requires emergency kit such as extra layers, a windproof or waterproof jacket, sometimes overtrousers. This can take up space but needn’t be bulky to carry and what you carry it in doesn’t need to weigh a great deal.

The ARCh-MAX company based in Barcelona, design and produce everything in Spain, the rucksack weighs only 100grams and holds an amazing amount of kit which, combined with the Pro-belt, a six pocket belt with pole carrying loops, should be enough for any day hikers needs. The belts come in a multitude of colours and sizing is small or large. The large is probably the best choice for all but the slimmest but they are designed to be a firm fit. The front and rear pockets are the largest and will take even the bulkiest of mobile phones and/or a soft bottle or lightweight windproof jacket and the remaining 4 pockets are big enough for gels, food bars, keys etc. There are two elastic loops lined with gripper silicone on the back and this is where a set of 4 section hiking poles such as MountainKing Trail Blaze can be fastened, easy to get at, easy to replace and you soon forget they are there.

The company also produce socks specially designed to prevent injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis, shin splints and ankle sprains plus improve blood circulation and reduce tiredness. Great claims but they seem to work well.

If you are interested in these items you can test them during a visit, pre order so they are here when you arrive or order and we will post them to you.

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