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Product Review : MountainKing

Mountain King is the UK’s leading manufacturer of walking and trekking poles and all their poles are produced in their Northumberland factory. Their Trail Blaze poles are perfect for ultra stage races, mountain races and long hikes in the mountains and anyone who has used poles when hiking racing or training knows the advantages they can give you when climbing or descending.

No longer will you need to walk the hills carrying a long, heavy stick with a metal tip as these poles (best used as a pair), fold up and can be carried in your sack, strapped to the side of it or through the pole loops of an ARCh-MAX belt.

The Trail Blaze is a 4 section 7075 aluminium alloy pole with a carbide wear tip, wrist strap and airflow grip available in five lengths, 110cm (115grams per pole), 115cm, (120grams), 120cm (125grams), 125cm (130grams) and 130cm (135grams) and when folded the pair fold to 35cm (120cm length) taking up very little space. The poles come in many colours, Black, Blue, Magenta, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Grey, Aqua or even Harlequin (each section different colour), complete with a handy storage bag and trekking baskets.

If you are coming over for a trekking holiday and you would like to buy some poles just ask, state your preferred length and colour and we will get them for you.

Price €80.00 per pair.

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