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Over the many years I have been involved in the outdoors, in retail and as a coach, cycling, running and hiking, I have seen huge improvements in clothing and kit. As a runner lightweight and small packsize has always been a priority but this should also be something walkers adopt. I see walkers out on short hikes carrying huge packs, wearing big boots and using wooden poles, none of this is necessary with the advances in clothing and kit design.

Living in Spain I have the advantage that generally the climate is excellent and predictable but going into the higher mountains still requires emergency kit such as extra layers...


Mountain King Hiking Poles

Mountain King is the UK’s leading manufacturer of walking and trekking poles and all their poles are produced in their Northumberland factory. Their Trail Blaze poles are perfect for ultra stage races, mountain races and long hikes in the mountains and anyone who has used poles when hiking racing or training knows the advantages they can give you when climbing or descending.

No longer will you need to walk the hills carrying a long, heavy stick with a metal tip as these poles (best used as a pair), fold up and can be carried in your sack...