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Loja 2 Loja Challenge

Loja2Loja follows a tough 33km circuit and can be hiked or run depending on your personal condition and goals. Between 5 hours and 9 hours should be achievable and it could be done as a day or a night project.

The start and finish is the Mirador Hotel (560m), ideal as bar is open 24hours so food and drink are always available as well as a bed for the night if you travel over specifically to do the challenge.

The Loja2Loja is planned to be promoted as a big event each May for walking clubs representing all of Andalucia and other parts of Spain and overseas but it is a regular route that can be part of a hike or run week, usually on the final day. Vehicle support for groups is available as access to the route is reasonable unless there is heavy snow but it is better if you are self sufficient as there are no springs on the route.

The route begins with climbing from the start, 12km of ascent to the Charco Negro (1500m) and wind turbines 1650m above Loja. Just before the highest point the track splits and you follow the main track left across the Sierra de Loja for 5km until you reach the finger post and information board at 1430m (a point familiar to anyone who has done the Al Andalus Ultimate Trail). From here you turn left and descend the Barranco de las Marianas track until you reach a left turn at the 24km point (580m) which climbs via marble quarry to 950m and almost to the Cruz de Periquete, this is a very hard, steep 4km ascent. From here you take the miners track down to the Mirador via the gated forest track and tunnel below the autovia.

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Certificate available and tee shirt (to pre order).

The Loja2Loja can be included as part of a Hike-Spain week and will include a €50.00 per person donation to the local SOS Animalicos Loja/GPAR/ASAP abandoned animals charities. Walkers or runners from overseas could also do the route for their own additional charity projects.

Anyone who wants to do this route at other times can register by contacting Hike-Spain and then the Mirador Hotel will issue finish certificate, (cost €15.00 which includes drink (€5.00) and balance goes to the charities.

We support these local animal charities.

Animalicos, ASAP and GPAR.