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Tierras de Jose Maria el Tempranillo

Hike and Museum Visit

This addition to the Hike-Spain itinerary has been introduced for the hikers/walkers who would also like to learn a little about some of the history of Andalucia. This story begins in the village of Jauja where on 21st June, 1805 the Bandit Jose Maria El Tempranillo was born.

Alameda | Badolatosa | Benameji | Casariche | Corcoya | Jauja

Known as the Robin Hood of Andalucia, he was given the name of El Tempranillo, which means young, because he became a bandit at a very young age. It is said that El Tempranillo had worked in the fields and at the age of 16 had killed a man while defending the honor of a woman. From here on he became an outlaw and hid in the surrounding mountains. He then formed a gang of bandits and controlled many routes in Andalucia taxing travellers passing through the area and ensuring safe conduct so that travellers would not be robbed by other bandits.

Eventually the Government offered a reward for the capture of El Tempranillo dead or alive, but because of his popularity among the local people and landowners they proposed to the King that he be granted a Royal Pardon, which he was. El Tempranillo then became one of the Migueletes, a Mountain Rifleman paid by the Crown, pursuing criminals and bringing them to justice. Finally in September 1833 El Tempranillo was killed while pursuing some thieves in Alameda. All he left behind was an orphan child of 2 years old, two houses and two horses.

Our journey begins at the Romantic Bandit Thematic Centre in Jauja, which is in an impressive building converted into a modern Museum. There are various rooms showing different aspects of life as a Bandit, the clothing, paintings, furnishing of the time and a 3D projection room showing short films.

Now that we have more of an idea of El Tempranillo’s life, we follow his journey to the village of Badolatosa and the road linking it to Corcoya, where we start our +- 12km walk. On the route we visit the Hermitage of Our Lady of the Fuensanta here you will also find the caves that El Tempranillo was said to have used as a hide out.

After the walk we have the option to visit The Church of the Inmaculada Concepcion and the Patio Mausoleum in Alameda where the tomb of El Tempranillo lies.

Lunch at Posada de Jose Maria el Tempranillo. This restaurant has the traditional decoration of the Bandit era. You may even see a few Bandits posing as waiters. There is also an option of a kayak trip down the River Genil in the afternoon.

El Tempranillo walk.