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For those looking for a more relaxing break we offer a less formal itinerary, focussing on the sights, sounds and activities of the Iznajar, Loja region - a stunningly beautiful part of the Andalucian interior. Lakes, rivers, gorges, National Parks and wonderful mountain ranges await you, a long with a taste of the real Spain, its historic villages, and not to forget its local wines, tapas and delicious food. Flora and fauna abound in this unique region, perfect for photographers and artisits alike.

Having lived and explored this region for many years, our mission is to take you to the places you want see, in comfort, confidence and at a pace to suit you. We include 3 trips in the weeks stay as part of the package, which you can select - this allows you free or rest days in between. You can of course book extra trips for every day as well.

Sample Itinerary :

Day 1 :
Airport pickup from Malaga or Granada. Settling in.

Day 2 :
The Bat Cave Walk / The Anis Museum / Rest Day

Day 3 :
Rio Frio / The Museum of Handmade Shortcake, Turron (Spanish nougat) and Marzipan / Rest Day

Day 4 :
Cascade Walk - Venta de Santa Barbara / Rest Day

Day 5 :
El Torcal / Restaurante Casa Juani / Rest Day

Day 6 :
Kayaking and Pedal Boating / The Lagoon of Fuente de Piedra / Rest Day

Day 7 :
Restaurante El Charcon / The Jamon Museum / Rest Day

* Full details of each trip below.

* Choose any three trips as part of your package, on three days, eg Day 2 The Bat Cave Walk, Day 5 Casa Juanmi and Day 6 The Lagoon of Fuente de Piedra.

* The itinerary can be adjusted for you, and more than three trips can be booked.

The Bat Cave Walk
A drive along the shore of Iznajar Lake leads us to the beginning of this walk. Leave the car behind and follow the forest tracks through to the village of Cuevas de San Marcos, then through a pine forest up to the steel stairs leading up to the caves. Home to various colonies of bats, one of which is a protected species.

Rio Frio
This lovely village 30min drive from Iznajar is best know of it's trout farms but there are also some lovely walks of different lengths with views of the gorge. There are about 10 restaurants and a craft market over the weekend, they also have some quaint bars and museums.

Cascade Walk - Venta de Santa Barbara
A moderate walk of about 7kms from the village through Olive groves to a small dam then on return path to a cascade for a swim and where you may see the local terrapins resting on the rocks. Popping to Meson dos Hermanos for drinks and tapas afterwards.

El Torcal
Various length routes in this nature reserve 1,5km, 2,5km and 4,5km. The walk takes you through an interesting limestone landscape and at the end of the hike there is the spectacular view of El Torcal Park and the African Coastline.

Kayaking and Pedal Boating
Take a 2 hour kayaking trip travelling down the Lake. Looking out for the birdlife that frequent the area and the fishermen on the banks.

The Lagoon of Fuente de Piedra
A wonderful Lagoon which is 2.5km wide and 6.5km long boasts of having a recorded 170 different species of birds visiting and the 2nd largest Flamingo population in Europe. Best visited in the cooler weather.

The Anis Museum where you will find out how Anis was produced throughout history and sample some of the potent firewater.

The Museum of Handmade Shortcake, Turron (Spanish nougat) & Marzipan. Take a look at how these are traditionally make.

The Jamon Museum which gives an insight into the producing of these wonderful hams and the curing process by a Butcher turned Curator of the museum.

El Charcon
This local restaurant has the appearance of a small castle. Serving excellent meat, fish and the traditional paella dish at very reasonable prices.

Casa Juani
Serving traditional Spanish meals with stunning views overlooking the Lake. Friendly service with good quality food.

El Ranchito
This amazing Andalusian Horse Show is performed every Wednesday evening and brings together some of Andalucia's finest riders and horses. The show includes equestrian ballet, Spanish dressage and the most incredible skills by the horsemen.

Price : € 595.00

Price includes hotel, breakfast, any three trips, airport pickup, transport to trips.

NOTE : Price excludes any Entrance Fees where applicable, food and drink ( except breakfast ).

Shorter breaks available from €360.00 for 3 nights to €500.00 for 4 nights per person.

Please state which activities you would like to do as per our Activities section or any suggestions that you may have, we will do our best to accommodate you.
Please ensure that all the parties have adequate health insurance.

English and Spanish spoken.

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